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Do The Opposite Of What You Thought

I’ve been noticing a huge trend this week in business, life, my clients — the whole world. Does it seem like everyone is run down, sick or flat? Flu. Colds. Headaches. Low energy. Fatigue.

I tend to choose not to focus on stuff like this, preferring to focus on what I want — the good stuff.

What you focus on expands.

This week it was so evident to me that I posted a video for my private clients encouraging them to do the complete opposite of what they thought I would tell them to do.


The interesting part is that, from that video and advice, most of them have came back getting huge results in business at the end of this week. Despite the unplanned rest.

There is a time for everything in life and really, when you are truly honest with yourself, you know the difference between procrastination, avoidance, distractions and lack of motivation. Sometimes there is nothing else you can do but … stop.

Valuing ourselves (the most valuable product in our businesses) enough to let ourselves have some rest despite the chaos we feel pays off dividends at the end of the month.

Unexpected inspiration, renewed energy levels or the space to actually allow what is unfolding.

Find yourself feeling run down? Caught up in the chaos of business? Overwhelmed by all you have to do all the time?

Check out my new mini course: The Freedom Kit – Learn the 3 step formula to get back at least 2 hours of your day — do what you love and still grow your business.

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