Five Minutes To Boost Your Business Success Mindset

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Five Minutes To Boost Your Business Success Mindset

After coaching and mentoring women in business for the last few years it has been fascinating to see a key behaviour differentiate the successful and resilient woman in business vs the stuck woman in business.

Want to know the key thing that differentiates them?

The ability to look back regularly and celebrate the mini wins.

Women that often feel stuck and ‘down’ in business seemingly focus on the gap between where they are now and their perceived ‘where they should be’. These women find it difficult to celebrate and acknowledge the small victories and are often very hard on themselves.

As ambitious women in business we are programmed to look towards the goals and outcomes we have set ourselves.

The women that strive in business, that have resilience against the inevitable problems, are the women that celebrate their mini wins. And celebrate often.

They look back. They high five themselves for the small wins. They recalibrate then look forward again to the end goals. They are perhaps able to enjoy the journey more?

Feel like you could do with some more mini-celebrations in your business? Schedule them in! Start by doing it weekly. At the end of each week, schedule a time to look back and create a list of all the things you loved, you were happy with (even if it could be better) or that you were grateful for!

What you focus on expands!


PB x

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