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Have You Got Commitment Issues?

Hello dears,

I’m noticing a huge trend in the female entrepreneur space and it ain’t pretty. I shot this episode of PBLive after a day of work shopping with some pretty awesome female entrepreneurs. They are passionate. They are smart yet there is one big problem. Check out the latest episode of PBLive to find out.



Hi and welcome to another episode of PB Live. I wanted to just share really quick one. I’m probably looking a little bit tired as I just finished doing whole day work shopping with some amazing female entrepreneurs and I wanted to shoot a video today because I’m seeing a massive pattern happening right now in the female entrepreneurs space. I am having people come to workshops and tell me all about their businesses and I say businesses because it’s actually pattern – they tell me about their 5 businesses that they’ve got running all at once.

And when I hear that, I just feel really worried for the ones who are in this situation. I’m not saying that you’re not capable of multi-tasking, it just that I wonder why you’re not committed on just one thing. 

What is your one big thing you want to do? It’s pretty hard to run a business let alone run five at once. So if you feel like you’re not getting the success you deserve in business take a look at how many businesses you’re actually trying to run. Maybe it’s time to actually start being committed to the one thing. 

Here are a few tips to really make sure you do it in style.

I want you to write down all the different business ideas that you currently have and you tell people you’re working on. Out of those ideas, which is the one that truly gets your juices flowing? What lights you up, what do you really want to work on?

Now that you got that, I want you to commit. I’m not asking you to get married to that idea for the next 20 years of your life, I just want you to commit for the next 2 months. You will go to work with this idea on your mind, you’ll focus on getting leads, make sales and bring money into that business. If at the end of those 8 weeks you still feel like maybe is not the idea for you, and perhaps there’s something better for you then look at something else. But here’s a thing, until you became completely 100% committed on what you do, you’re going to find it really hard to have the success you are after. Commitment is the number #1 thing you need for success.

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