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How To Deal With The Bumpy Ride Of Business


Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth a legendary book of small business.


I have to admit, when I first started listening to Michael, I had an overwhelming urge to take my laptop out and tweak some of my marketing campaigns — to zone out. To this day I am so thankful I chose to resist the urge.

His presentation was authentic and filled with such great wisdom it was an honor to witness. The real gems came later in the afternoon when we were spending some time talking to the author.

During the conversation, one of my friends asked the question ‘ How do you deal with the bumpy ride of business?’ His response:


‘When you are intrinsically connected to the purpose and mission of the business, beyond financial gain, the highs and lows never feel as … bumpy!’


Michael’s words have rung strong for me as this new year has kicked off. I have been spending time asking women in business why they do what they do. The answers were disappointing. Seemingly lacking the energy and drive, the sparkle and purpose that Michael spoke of.


So this message goes out to you, amazing women in business.


Why did you start your business? Maybe it was to get away from the corporate cubicle that no longer lit the fire in your belly? Maybe it was to seek a life of freedom?

Whatever it was back then, won’t necessarily be the only thing keeping you going and strategically growing your business.


You need to think bigger. Think beyond just you.


In 50 years time, if we were to look back on your business — what would it be remembered for?


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