Mine Is Bigger Than Yours : A Marketing Observation

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Mine Is Bigger Than Yours : A Marketing Observation

Everywhere you look online, there is the drive for more. More fans on Facebook. More likes on your Instagram post.
More more more.
I see women in business get distressed and upset if they post something and it doesn’t get  the numbers of likes or shares they hoped for. But what if that one or two people who clicked ‘like’ or took the time to follow were the ones that really needed you today?
What if they were the ones that would buy something from you next because you are exactly what they needed?
This week one of my gorgeous clients sent me a message, worried about an upcomming workshop having low registrations. Should she cancel she asked? My answer: Why? Follow through. Commit to the people that did put their hand up to attend; see what happens.
The result – a 66% sales conversion in the room and a subsequent 50% in upgrade/backend sales (and some very happy and grateful new customers!)
  • When it comes to your business where could you be getting caught up in the marketing numbers game?
  • How could you be committing and turning up more for the people that do comment/like/share/opt in?
Quality vs quantity.
I’d rather have 10 people follow me who are aligned with my values and who are open to transformation and change in themselves and in their businesses than 1000 people who are neither here nor there.
Pay attention to the marketing numbers by all means, however be discerning as at the  CEO.
Quality and depth vs quantity and fluff.

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