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Red Hot Confidence In Winter

As we are now well and truly into winter in the Southern Hemisphere, trying to keep warm and be stylish at the same time can be a difficult task which is why it is important to have a solid foundation of basic essentials in your

wardrobe to help you survive the cooler season. One of the first tips is not to buy but to invest — find

items you know you would wear more than once and could easily mix and match with other items you

already own.


Having lived in Melbourne most my adult life, I know that no matter the season — the weather is temperamental.

Finding essential items that are trans-seasonal are beneficial and also economical on your bank

account as you tend to keep them longer depending on fashion trends and the longevity of the

garments. So here are the top ten winter must-haves:


1. Singlet

It’s always handy to have a singlet in your wardrobe. It is the perfect essential as you can wear it with

basically anything — great as a layering piece to keep you extra warm.


2. Buttoned T-shirt

The long sleeve shirt is another great staple. You can wear it all year round and it can be dressed up with skinny jeans, leather jacket and black strappy heels for a night out or match it with ponte pants, a knitted jumper and converse for a more relaxed look.



3. Polo Neck Knitwear

The polo neck almost resembles a turtle neck and is sure to keep your neck warm. The classic

silhouette has remained a classical item and has been on trend since the 70’s (think Jackie O). The

ultimate layering piece to any outfit during Autumn/Winter.


4. Skinny Jeans

The black skinny jean is the Holy Grail to a wardrobe key essential — look into any wardrobe and it is

certain you will find at least one pair of black skinny jeans. Why? Because it is an investment piece

and wearable through all seasons — it’s basically a universal thing. Skinny jeans owners will admit

that they wear their pair religiously. It is the perfect item for almost any occasion. You can hardly go

wrong with it.


5. Coat

In winter what you wear on the outside is of great importance which is why a coat comes along way. If

you find yourself in a rush throw it over any outfit and you’re ready to go. It’ll be sure to keep you

warm in your battle against the cold weather. In Melbourne black seems to be the most favourable

colour (or shade) so opting out for a black coat can easily be paired with other items and can be worn

as a day to night transition piece. Pair it with black skinny jeans and boots and pop on a bold red lippy

and you’re ready to conquer the day…or night.


6. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is another superstar must have to add to your wardrobe and offers a streetwear edge

to any outfit. This jacket is also a great item to have for the day to night transition. Pair it with an a-line

skirt, white buttoned up shirt, boots and chuck on black sunglasses and you’re instantly street style

A midi skirt is a classic staple, sitting below the knee and tight fitting, this silhouette presents a very



7. Midi-Skirt

A midi skirt is a classic staple, sitting below the knee and tight fitting, this silhouette presents a very

feminine look.


8. Ankle Boots

Black boots are versatile and forever fashionable. It isn’t a question if you should add it to your

wardrobe it is a why-haven’t- you-already?! The perfect pair of shoes you will love, it dresses up any

outfit dare it be said that flat boots can be so passe sometimes so pick one with a bit of heel, ideal to

dress up any outfit.


9. Black Tote

How could you not have one? A tote is the crème de la crème of bags, convenient in size to carry all

your essentials and stylish for everyday wear as well as weekend — and if it’s a black tote that you are

rocking then it’s bound to go with any outfit.


10. Sunglasses

Invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses then it’ll become an extension of who you are. Not only

does it protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, it acts as a great accessory when you need to shoot a video or jump on a Facebook Live and haven’t done your face yet!


Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.Winter essentials (1) (1) – Anna Klein

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