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Why Planning My Wedding Is Helping My Business

I got married in March and I’m already onto wedding number 2!


Fortunately to the same man — but this time we are doing it in Paris! Oh yeah baby!

It all still seems a bit surreal as it’s only over a year ago I met gorgeous Aaron. I’ve got friends who knew exactly where they wanted to get married, how the dress would look like and had picked a ring before they had even met hubby to be.
I’m not that chick.
It’s fair to say that Aaron and I spent the first seven months of our engagement in complete overwhelm. We felt lost and anxious about how to approach the task of organizing our perfect wedding. There were days when it all felt too much.
Kind of like being in business, really.
It’s only in the last month that we have started to approach the wedding with the same strategies we take with our businesses. This has yielded lessons I felt I need to share.
Know Your Big Why & Have a Plan
When we first started planning, we found options, got excited and just started to randomly select. We soon found ourselves without strategy, in a crazy mess about to sign contracts for a wedding that would cost a ridiculous amount of cash — which was in alignment with who WE are as a couple. We realized we hand’t even clarified what the day meant to us and what our big why for the whole thing was. Just like in business, if you have little connection with your purpose and no plan, the decisions you make along the way can end up being costly and eventually lead to an outcome you.
Know The Numbers & Be Wise With Your Dollars
We’re in our second round of planning now. The first time around it all went on hold because everything felt too overwhelming and we feared looking too closely at the numbers in case we didn’t like what we saw.
Sounds familiar in business?
It’s not until we lose our inhibitions around looking at our numbers in business when things can change. You cannot shape what you don’t measure. Ever since we started tracking the budget we feel less overwhelmed and find it mush easier to be wise with our dollars.
Have An Amazing Network & Leverage
Because we’re getting married in Paris, Aaron and I thought it might be nice to throw an engagement party here in Australia for our loved ones that won’t be with us. I have been trying to find a venue for quite some time until this week when I put it out on social media. And just like that, 3 perfect venue options with contacts to support negotiating the perfect deal.
In business, as in wedding planning, nurture and leverage your network. If you find yourself not surrounded by like minded people who thrive on supporting your success … find a new network.
Commit & Take Action
It’s fair to say Aaron and I have done more planning our wedding in the last 2 weeks than we have in the entire year. The difference? We committed AND TOOK ACTION. We were committed to each other from the start but taking action has seen us rewarded with the right people and incredible opportunities to make our wedding just how we wanted.
How committed to your business are you? Really committed? Great. Take action on that commitment. No matter how small. Take action and watch how you are rewarded.
Accept that You Can’t Please Everyone
This one links so closely to us (well, ok, me) needing to put planning on hold initially. My need to try to please everyone left me overwhelmed and frozen, incapable of moving forward.
Ever feel like that in your business? I have learnt so much about this one in the last year. Perhaps it was the universe’s way of throwing that testing curve ball at me? Needless to say — as in life, weddings and business, we will never please everyone. Let’s quit trying. Let’s live our lives. Let’s choose what makes us happy and aligns with who we are. I choose Paris and cheese and Chanel and wine and love.

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