Why you don’t need to hustle in business

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Why you don’t need to hustle in business


Remember when you first started your business. You were full of enthusiasm and no amount of work would deter you from your grand vision for freedom and business. You knew if you worked really hard, you would be successful.


As a collective, we have this belief ingrained into us from an early age.


Work hard and you will get good marks.

Work hard and you’ll get the recognition.

Work hard and you will get the promotion.


It’s not your fault. We have been hard wired to believe this one. We have been programmed to believe in the hustle.

Everyday as I sort through social media, I see messages bombarding us to hustle. And quite frankly, I call bullshit on the whole thing.


Here’s the thing, I’m not saying that you don’t have to do any work. No, not at all. Action is an important element of creating what you want, I just believe in working SMART. Which is where my Sassy CEO Planning System comes in.


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I also believe in the balance between masculine and feminine energy.

Masculine energy can be identified by the doing. Also: strategy, data, planning, action.

Most women I deal with are playing very heavily in this energy. Believing that if they are to work really hard that success will come.

That is only half the equation. You are forgetting what the women before you knew but somehow we forgot along the way. The power of the feminine energy.

Feminine energy can be identified by creation. Also: imagining, playing, flow, intuition.

Too far in your feminine and no masculine action can leave you frustrated and stuck as none of your creations take physical form!


The balance between these energies is where you will find your flow. It is where you can aim to be.

There is great power in allowing yourself to do business as the woman that you are. You don’t have to try to do things like a man. What a notion?! You are a powerful woman. Why would you do that?


Here are some key tips to help you find your flow in business:

  1. Honor your energy levels. Feeling like you are being the worker bee? Like you are now just ‘pushing’. Honor your feelings. Whenever I feel like I am ‘pushing shit up a hill’, I get up from my desk and move. I go for a short walk (better with no shoes), I breathe, I dance, I listen to a meditation, I journal. It never takes long to get back into my flow and I am always amazed at the magic that is sent my way so lovingly from the universe when I get out of my own way.
  2. Understand the balance here. Nothing will happen if you spent your days just journaling. Just like I say to my clients, you can create your Sassy CEO plan, get clear on your priorities but nothing will come to fruition without action. Honor the balance between strategy + mindset to find flow.
  3. Play In Your Zone Of Genius:. A CEO doesn’t do everything so just stop doing that lady! Take time to work out where your zone is and where you are most profitable and start getting help with the other stuff!
  4. Repetition is key. Stuck in the same spot in business? Ask yourself, what do I need to believe in order to achieve this outcome. Journal these positive beliefs, repeat them to yourself, have them where you can see them everyday. Let your subconscious mind do it’s thing by being consciously aware of what you are telling it daily.




PB x


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