Why Your Network Equals Your Net Worth

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Why Your Network Equals Your Net Worth


I am sure there are times when you feel isolated in business.

You feel as if you are the only person going through challenges.

I realized early on that I can’t do this alone, it’s critical to my success that I have the support around me to help me reach my goals.


No one ever become successful by themselves and now I completely understand it just how important it is.

Yes my friends and family were helpful but I needed to be around people that get it, that get business and understand. This is why I invest in coaching for me and why I have always joined masterminds.


It’s great to be held accountable, to be invigorated with fresh ideas and perspective and also the strategies that help fast track my journey.

And for when we have those moments when you need to talk to someone, someone who actually gets business!


I save so much time and money because my mentor has already developed the next set of resources I am needing, so instead of reinventing the wheel she now guides me through the journey and we focus on what worked, not just for her but other clients.

So now I can reach my goal quicker!


Plus the power is also in the other women who are going on the same journey as me and its also brilliant to get their ideas, insight and feedback as to what they have done.

There is so much wisdom and power to be found in a collective group of people in the same vibe. A main reason why I created my Sassy CEO Collective: the most boutique mastermind for ambitious (and conscious) women in business.


I’m a relationship type of women and I love that many of my clients have now been with me for 3+ years. I have had the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of them, their business and their mindset. Additionally I have had the pleasure of watching them evolve into powerful Sassy CEOs in their business and fields!


Remember: What we achieve or don’t achieve is also significantly affected by the people we regularly hang out with.

You become who you hang out with.

And that is how I have consistently matched and exceeded my ‘six figure targets’ in my business AND decreased my hours!


Question: Who is in your community and circle of influence? Do you need to find a group that supports your growth in business?


Results happen much faster when you are hanging out with other like minded people.


PB x


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